Do I really need a publisher to succeed?

Everything that a game publisher does, you can do yourself.  But should you?  It takes a lot of work, a ton of money and years of experience to consistently and successfully launch mobile games.  It may look easy, but it’s not.

Technically, you can skip the dentist and can give yourself a root canal, but like trying to publish your own game, chances are it will be extremely painful, costly, and you still may not get it right before passing out.  Sometimes it’s best to leave certain things to the professionals and game publishing is one of those things.

What type of games are you looking for?

We’re starting out looking for super-casual, addictive, one-tap or two-tap style games but we’re also open to other types of games. The biggest thing for us is in order for us to put our time and money behind getting your game out there we have to be passionate and excited about you and your game and have a clear vision about how we can market the game, add value, and make money for everybody involved.

Will you provide any creative feedback on how our game can be better?

Yes! You’re not alone in this journey. We come from a creative film and television background and have already been nominated for one Writers Guild Award and we don’t plan on stopping there. It’s from that high caliber level of creativity that we’ll provide extremely detailed feedback on how we think your game can be improved.

Will you help with ideas on how to better monetize our game?

Yes. In addition to the creative side, we’re also developers with expert knowledge on user engagement, retention and revenue. We’ll use our expertise to suggest ways to maximize your games financial upside so you’ll make more money.

Do you accept games made with Buildbox?

Yes!  Just make sure your game is exceptional and highly polished.  Don’t just grab a template from a source code site or use a Buildbox Preset, hit export, and think your game will be worthy of a publishing deal.

Are you going to pay me to develop my game?

No.  We do not currently fund game ideas.  If you have a great idea for a game, team up with some amazing game developers and contact us when your game is close to being finished.

Do you guarantee my game gets installs?

You’re damn right we do!  We guarantee that we’ll get your game 100,000 installs!  With industry standard user acquisition costs around $2.80 per install, that’s the equivalent of $280,000 we’re willing to spend to get users for your game!

You guarantee 100,000 installs! No other publisher does that so how can you?

The dirty little secret of indie publishing is most mobile game publishers won’t spend a dime marketing your casual game.  No other publisher guarantees, in writing, that your game will get installs and that’s for good reason: IT’S CRAZY EXPENSIVE!

Their business model is built on getting your game Featured by Apple.  It’s a super brilliant business model, but it’s not predictable.  If your game doesn’t get Featured, it will get abandoned on the store and it won’t get downloads because no money or additional marketing or publicity will be done.

We would love for all of our games to get Featured by Apple or Google Play or Amazon, but that’s not our business model.  We only sign games we believe in.  Games we think audiences will respond to positively and will enjoy for a long time.  Because of that, we are willing to put big money into marketing and acquiring users for your game and all of the games we publish.

We are literally willing to put our money where our mouth is!

How much money can I make?

There are so many factors that go into the process, we wouldn’t be able to give you numbers without knowing more about your game and seeing how well it can monetize.  The one thing we know for sure is that your game will get at least 100,000 installs if we decide to publish your game.

How will I know how much I'm making?

We pride ourselves on transparency so you’ll have access to your daily downloads and revenue numbers and you can check them as much as you want.

When do I get paid?

You’ll get paid on a monthly basis with a Net 60. Net 60 means the revenue you make in July will be paid to you by the end of September.

What is "First Dollar Gross" and why is it so awesome?

Google “First Dollar Gross” and you’ll see that it’s how Hollywood pays their biggest box office stars.  We think the games we sign are going to be stars so we pay you like a star!

Basically what it means is that you don’t have to worry about any of our costs, overhead, fees, or anything else because you make money the moment the game makes money regardless of whether we recoup our investment or not.

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